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ChattED PD

Actionable professional development for school-based SLPs.

We know that your time is valuable. Between high caseloads, endless paperwork, and meetings, you need practical professional development that gives you the therapy ideas your students need. At the same time, you will bang out those continuing education hours for your license and certification. You will get the support you need to help serve your students well with evidence-based information you can use tomorrow in your therapy groups.

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Before we tell you about this membership, let’s make sure this is what you are looking for.

You are right for Chatted PD membership if you want engaging professional development that you can access anywhere and start loving your job again because you will get strategies and resources that will bring new life to your clinical skills and engagements with your students.

You’re in the right place!

The Chatted PD membership will give you the support, inspiration, and tools to complete those PD training hours and serve your students well so they can make progress on their speech and language goals.

But above all else, you will have a community of like-minded SLPs that you can ask questions and share insights in our platforms forum groups. (make as an image with a button to click to join)

How does Chatted PD compare?

The Pudding AKA the Proof

What’s included:

  • 4 LIVE webinars a month on topic or treatment area for the school setting

  • Replays of all the LIVE webinars on the topics for each month

  • CMH certificates for each webinar that you attend for your continuing education hours

  • Discussion areas to ask questions and give insights on the topic webinars

Why you desire actionable PD…

Sitting through hour-long presentations only to walk away with no strategies or ideas to support your students feels like a waste of learning time.

We know you had to carve out precious time from your work or personal schedule to show up for PD. We want that time to count.

The Chatted PD membership was created to help you build your clinical skills as a school-based SLP, so that you can jumpstart your days at work implementing strategies that get results for your students.

No more second-guessing your skills as a clinician or feeling alone on your school campuses. You will have a community of SLPs to ask questions and bounce ideas in our membership discussion channels.

But that's not all. Ever attended a fantastic presentation at a conference, only to find it unavailable for review later on? Not anymore. Our platform ensures that you have the power to rewatch and review presentations whenever you need them. No more missed opportunities or limited access windows. Your professional development journey is now in your hands.

And because our platform is created by SLPs for SLPs, we understand the importance of addressing both the big-picture challenges and the more niche topics that truly matter to you. Whether you're seeking guidance on mainstream interventions or exploring specialized techniques for unique student populations, we've got you covered.

Join us today and experience professional development that respects your time, empowers your practice, and propels your impact in the lives of the students you serve. Don't settle for mediocrity when excellence is within reach!

Sign up now and unlock a world of knowledge, relevance, and practicality tailored specifically for today's school-based SLPs. Your journey to professional growth starts here! 🚀